Calculating and tracking your cashback

Cashback is subject to the cashback limits set out on the Cashback Merchant's landing page, you will be credited a percentage of the net purchases made by you at one of the Cashback Merchants. The net purchase is defined as the total amount paid to the Cashback Merchant minus tax, gift wrapping, shipping, promotional credits, returns, cancellations, and transaction fees or as the Cashback Merchant defines on their respective website.

Calculating your cashback


Consider buying a flight ticket of €90; what would be the amount of cashback that you would receive if the Cashback Merchant offers a 10% cashback discount?

To obtain a price excluding tax from a price inclusive of taxes, that is to say comprising tax (VAT), the price including VAT needs to be multiplied by a net tax conversion rate, obtained from the VAT rate: 100/(100+VAT rate).

Calculation of the net tax conversion for a VAT rate of 23%*:
100/(23+100) = 0.813

Calculation of net amount for a price of €90 including taxes:
€90 x 0.813 = €73.17

Calculation of the amount of 10% cashback on a price after taxes:
(€73.17 x 10)/100 = €7.32

You would receive a cheque of €7.32 when you buy a flight ticket of €90 at a Cashback Merchant offering 10% cashback discount on Complete Savings.

Tracking your cashback

You can track the status of your cashback transactions by accessing your Cashback Balance here, or by clicking on the Cashback Balance link at the top of every page.

You can also link through to our Cashback FAQs for specific information on how and when cashback is credited to your account, special terms and conditions which apply to certain retailers and also view information on when to expect your cashback cheque.

If you are experiencing any issues with the cashback platform, or are still waiting to receive confirmation on transactions more than 30 days old, you can contact us with your query at:

*Please see the website for the current VAT rates.